Debian Needs Artwork, Sysadmin Horrors, VA Linux

DebianJuly 29 was System Administration Appreciation Day and celebrated with five sysadmin horror stories. put together a list of t-shirts for system administrators and The Register had a round-up of fun things to do. Back in Linuxland, Bits from Debian put out the call for new artwork for upcoming version 9.0 and Ian Murdock was honored at this year’s International Free Software Forum. And finally, contributor Christopher Tozzi looked back at VA Linux today saying it was probably the most successful Open Source company.

Debian 9.0 needs new artwork, artwork that "will inspire thousands of people while working in their Debian systems." Among those Debian hopes to inspire include NASA engineers and DIY’ers who, for example, might make themselves a matching Debian keyboard. See the blog post or the wiki page if you’d like to have your creativity immortalized.

In other Debian news, today’s Project News carried the story of "a great tribute" to Ian Murdock during the 17th annual International Free Software Forum (FISL17) recently concluded. A stage was named for him and a "warm round of applause" followed. The FISL17 Webpage also paid tribute to him with a nice write-up on Murdock’s accomplishments and what he meant to people. Debian Day will be held August 16 this year.

Dominique Leuenberger posted of the latest in Tumbleweed today. He said the noteworthy changes this week included KDE Applications 16.04.3, openSSH 7.2p2, and TeXLive 2016. Coming soon are Kernel 4.7, removal of LXDM, and Plasma 5.7.2. In other Tumbleweed news, Michael Huff explained how to get Tumbleweed on a Chromebook starting with a set of precision screwdrivers. Sounds like fun.

Upgrading Fedora was the subject of two posts today. The first walked users through upgrading Fedora 23 to 24 through the GNOME Software manager. It downloads the files and upon reboot will upgrade the system. Tester Magesh Maruthamuthu said he experienced no issues during the process. On the same subject, David Both instructed users on upgrading using DNF at the commandline. Both also reported a positive experience saying he’s no longer leery of the process. In other Fedora bits, noted that Chromium will be allowed in Fedora.

In other news:

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