Bodhi Updates, KaOS & Antergos Reviews, Another 25?

bodhiToday in Linux news, Jeff Hoogland posted a short update on the progress of Bodhi Linux 4.0 and reported on the updates to the project’s donations page. In other news, An Everyday Linux User reviewed Arch-based Antergos Linux saying it was "decent" and Ubuntu-fan Jack Wallen reviewed "beautiful" KDE-centric KaOS. has five reasons to switch to the Ubuntu phone and Brian Fagioli asked if Linux can survive another 25 years.

Jeff Hoogland published one of his short ‘n sweet posts today saying that work has been continuing on 4.0 since the alpha release last month. He said work has been "coming along slowly" due to developmental issues and outside commitments. So, Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 probably won’t see final until September now. Hoogland added he may put out 32-bit alpha next week.

Everyday Linux User Gary Newell today said Antergos Linux is to be an easy path to Arch goodness. The beta installer was said to be "straightforward" and looked fairly typical. The resulting GNOME desktop is attractive and non-obtrusive. Multimedia support was hit and miss and Steam was a complete no-go. There seemed to be plenty of installable software and the package manager was basic but operative. Newell said Antergos didn’t come down as a top five, but it’s "well worth a try."’s Brian Fagioli today asked if Linux can survive without Linus. Linus Torvalds is in his 40’s, so death probably isn’t a top concern, but Fagioli wonders if Linux could continue without its founder and lead maintainer. He contends that it probably won’t. Granting that it probably could, he then "fears it will all fall apart." I suppose he makes a point that it is Linus’ tough hand that keeps it all together, but I think he’s trained some pretty decent lieutenants or Number Twos and Threes. The GPL assures that it can, greedy businesses and power-hungry governments will insure that it does. This has been discussed before and the consensus generally was that Linux will continue long after most of us have left this mortal coil.

In other news:

* 5 Reasons to Switch to Ubuntu Phone

* KaOS Brings Serious Relevance Back to KDE

* Annoying Quiz that gives score but not correct answers

* Prospective Fedora 25 Wallpapers looking good

* Charles-H. Schulz: What makes a great Open Source project?

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