Japan’s latest Kit Kat is medicine flavour – CNET

This is how Japan supports its World Cup football team and TV broadcasts, believe it or not.

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Samsung unlocks Bixby voice app in Australia, UK and more – CNET

It’s time to meet Bixby in countries outside the US and South Korea.

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Vudu comes to Apple TV, but you can’t buy on the box – CNET

Walmart’s Vudu app finally arrives on the Apple TV streaming box, but unlike Apple’s own iTunes service, it doesn’t allow purchases. We go hands-on.

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Mini Google Home speaker could be on its way – CNET

A smaller version of the smart home device is expected to be unveiled in the fall, according to Android Police.

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Space station astronaut sees solar eclipse shadow on Earth – CNET

The moon’s shadow looks almost ominous when seen from the International Space Station during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

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Eclipse overshadows everything else on Twitter – CNET

The natural phenomenon inspires more than 6 million tweets.

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3 things Ellen Pao says she would do differently at her trial – CNET

In her upcoming memoir, "Reset," the former VC and Reddit CEO shares mistakes made during her landmark sexual harassment trial, but says there’s hope for Silicon Valley.

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