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WordPress for Windows Phone 2.0 update brings galleries, other updates

wpwindowsphone-2-0-gallery-support 01-dashboard 02-write-screen

The WordPress for Windows Phone team has been on a tear, and have just released another update for their app, which brings it to Version 2.0.

As documented on the WordPress for Windows Phone Blog, besides the usual bug fixes, the latest version brings support for WordPress Galleries, and also direct access to the Dashboard and public website.


Users can create a gallery straight from your device by attaching two or more pictures to a post or a page and can even customize the appearance of a gallery by tapping the “gallery settings” button and choosing the best options for your site.

The update also includes improvements for and Jetpack Stats, as well as fixes for crashes and other bugs.

The updated app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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Video samples from the Nokia Lumia 720 front and rear camera

MyNokiaBlog managed to capture some samples from the video cameras on the front and rear camera of the Nokia Lumia 720, and while they do not have the advantage of the OIS of the Nokia Lumia 920 and are not labelled Pureview, the results are still pretty good, as can be seen in the example from the rear camera above, which can record in 720P and has an F/1.9 lens and is 6.7 megapixel, which helps it capture as much light as possible.

After the break see a sample from the front-facing camera, which is also able to capture in 720P and has an F/2.4 lens and a backside illuminated sensor also for increased light sensitivity.

I think the results are better than the rear camera of the Nokia Lumia 800, which is a massive improvement over the course of a year.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Via MNB, thanks xzxvbnmx for the tip.

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The last one falls – Barclays UK now also planning a Windows Phone app


We have heard of the NatWest app and the Royal Bank of Scotland bank and the HSBC app, and now the last major bank in UK has fallen to the spell of Windows Phone, with Barclays Bank UK confirming they are planning a Windows Phone app.

Responding to a tweet reminding them that Windows Phone grew 240% in UK last year, they said:

We’re pleased to confirm we’re planning to release a Windows app by the end of the year. ^JC

It seems, as I predicted at the beginning of this year, that by the end of the year Windows Phone’s “App Problem” will no longer be a problem at all.

Thanks Rhys for the tip.

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Game review: Asphalt 7 Heat


It was published some time ago on iOS and Android but finally it made its way to our loved Windows Phone 8 devices: Asphalt 7 Heat!

Asphalt is one of the most popular racing games on any mobile platform and is one of the top sellers of Gameloft. On Windows Phone the game is almost 900 MB huge and even supports Xbox Live with achievements and online multiplayer.


Overall Score: 14.8/15

Asphalt 7 is almost perfect: Although it the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen on a mobile phone, nice controls and a awesome lasting value, there are some very small details which caused 0.2 points deduction.

Presentation: 5/5

Like I said, the graphics are the most beautiful I have ever seen on a mobile phone and they are even better than on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4 (I don’t own those devices but I could take some looks at the game on those devices because some of my friends own them). The graphics in this game are so beautiful and for a mobile game very, very (!!) realistic, at least at day time. That does however not mean they look bad at night: The colors shine and are really bight! Also even small objects look really detailed. You can find some more screenshots here.

Gameplay: 4.9/5

The controls are very nice. You have several option to steer your vehicle like the classic one where you only need to tilt your phone. This works very well and because you can change the sensitivity it should work perfectly well for everyone. I really like this way of steering the cars and it is great fun.

Anyways, I need to deduct 0.1 points because of the physics. Your own car does have realistic physics unless you are just driving, as well as your opponents, but when you crash or ram the cars just like fly away.

Lasting value: 4.9/5

The game does take quite long. There are plenty of levels each one with four races. Also there is a multiplayer. You can also upgrade your cars’ looks and performance which is a very nice addition.

When you finished the story mode you can also play Asphalt 7 online. That is pretty amazing but also overdue because other platforms do support that since the beginning of Windows Phone 7.

However, I need to deduct 0.1 points here as well because you earn money way to fast. You will always be able to buy the newest upgrade or the next car without needing to win many challenges.


All in all however Asphalt 7 is a amazing game, but the best is the price: It costs just cheap 99 cents (which makes it even cheaper than on Android where it costs € 2.99 – yay!). I think Asphalt 7 is a must-buy Xbox Live title on your Windows Phone. You can get it here.

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Shrink Storage provides solution for the “Other” storage problem

1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3

Windows Phone has a mysterious storage location called Other filled with who knows what, and it always seems to be growing bigger and bigger.

Now a developer has found a way of invoking Windows Phone’s own Clean Storage subroutines to try and release what is likely to be temporary files of some kind.


Shrink Storage does this by filling up your storage to such an extent that the Clean Phone Storage prompt is activated.  The phone then reboots and on return you should find some storage has been released.

The amount appears to vary, ranging from only a few megabytes to a gigabyte or more, and those who use the free app appear pretty happy, with the app having a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

If your storage is straining, try the app in the Windows Phone Store here and let us know how well it worked below.


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Game Review: What’s the Word?

Can you guess what word four pictures have in common? If so, play What’s the Word!

Overall Score: 4/5

What’s the Word is a fun, polished, and FREE game that kills some time and makes you think a little bit. However, it only lasts for about an hour. Sad day!

Gameplay: 4/5

In this game, you’re presented with 4 pictures, and you have to guess the single word that describes all the pictures. The controls work as they should, and the words are fun yet sometimes challenging to guess. Overall, it’s enjoyable to play, and it makes you use your brain a little bit!

Presentation: 4/5

What’s the Word is polished and looks professional. There’s nothing outstanding about the visuals, but the game looks great.

Lasting Value: 3/5

You’ll quickly reach the end of the game, taking about an hour or less to finish all the pictures. This is disappointing, because you might be left wanting more! But hey, at least you had fun for an hour. And it probably took those developers a long time to find pictures.QRCode


Title: What’s the Word
Price: FREE
Publisher: Random Salad Games LLC

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Microsoft acknowledges WP 7.8 Live Tile issues, may release a fix

Live tile not updating after the 7.8 update (for some of my users).htm_20130228163346

On MSDN Microsoft Engineer Mark Chamberlain has confirmed that Windows Phone 7.8 Live tiles can have issues, saying the problems have been recorded and are understood.

He noted the Live Tile bug can cause two problems:

1. Live tile causing continuous web requests (and side effects such as battery drain)

2. Live tile failing to update.

It is of note that the first one can cause data overages and therefore be very costly to users.

Fortunately Microsoft is considering releasing a fix as an OS update with Mark saying “fixes will be considered for inclusion in an update to the phone operating system.

I would say the issue has some urgency due to the data usage bug. Of course we have heard the roll-out of WP 7.8 has been halted in Germany, though we do not know if this is the case elsewhere also, but I think at the very least Microsoft needs to put out a blog post informing and warning Windows Phone 7.8 users of the issues and risks.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.


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