Red Hat Official Responds to Criticism of OpenStack

Last week, I covered a debate that continues to swirl over whether OpenStack has emerged as a successful cloud computing platform in terms of actual deployments, or whether it is overhyped and immature. The post was prompted when Gartner Research Director Allessandro Perilli came out with an essay that paints a very gloomy picture of actual OpenStack deployments.  Now, officials from Red Hat and other organizations are publicly discussusing Perilli’s comments.

Bryan Che from Red Hat has a blog post that challenges Perilli, where he makes the point that open source projects are not the same as products.  To put Che’s points in context, Perilli originally suggested four reasons why OpenStack isn’t more of a success in the enterprise:

  1. Lack of clarity about what OpenStack is
  2. Lack of transparency about the business models for OpenStack
  3. Lack of vision and long-term differentiation
  4. Absent pragmatism

Che actually says that he generally agrees wih Perilli, but also writes:

"…A recent survey that IDG Connect conducted of 200 enterprise IT decision makers on Red Hat’s behalf found that 84% planned to adopt OpenStack…Since launching our partner and certification programs around OpenStack earlier this June, we now have…140+ companies certifying their OpenStack solutions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform."

Che adds the following:

"Red Hat is firmly working with many enterprises in their early adoption of OpenStack.  Yes, the technology still new and immature for most companies.  But, we are making significant progress in industries from retail to financial services–all traditional enterprises."

If Che is right, then we are really going to see what OpenStack is capable of in 2014 and 2015. There is quite a lot of research showing that IT administrators have plans to deploy the platform, even if there aren’t so many actual deployments now.

"Don’t believe the hype generated by press and vendor marketing: OpenStack penetration in the large enterprise market is minimal," wrote Perilli in his original post. At the same time, earlier this month, we reported on survey results from The OpenStack Foundation that showed that many enterprises are deploying or plan to deploy the platform. Perilli may have some good points, but it looks like OpenStack is just now poised for widespread adoption. In any case, Che’s post is worth reading, and loaded with quite a lot of hard data.


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