Responses to Gartner Criticism of OpenStack Continue to Roll In

In late November, I covered a debate that has been ongoing over whether OpenStack has emerged as a successful cloud computing platform in terms of actual deployments, or whether it is overhyped and immature. The post was a response to an online note from Gartner Research Director Allessandro Perilli, who came out with argumetns that paint a fairly gloomy picture of actual OpenStack deployments. 

Bryan Che from Red Hat then delivered a blog post that challenges Perilli, where he made the point that open source projects are not the same as products.  In several areas, though, Che agreed with Perilli. Now, Alan Perkins, the CTO of Rackspace Australia is being widely quoted on some retorts to the Perilli note.

Like Bryan Che, Perkins told Computerworld that the key thing to focus on is that many enterprises intend to deploy OpenStack in the coming months. In an interview, he said:

"These are early days, but the shift from Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Platform-as-a-Service is another sign of the maturity of the fundamentals and it will lead to an increase in adoption at the enterprise level. We anticipate a substantial increase in adoption of the OpenStack platform in the coming 6-12 months. We are at that point now where OpenStack is airborne. It has moved on from its initial stages of development to real delivery and enterprise adoption. An onward process of analysis and refinement will now strengthen the platform further. Projects that are easy to get off the ground typically have a limited life. Projects that are more all-encompassing (like the enterprise adoption of OpenStack) take more time to get off the ground, but once launched will be all pervasive and long lasting and that is what will determine its ultimate success."

Red Hat’s Che noted the following in his post:

"I agree with Alessandro’s assessments of the challenge for vendors to bring OpenStack to the enterprise.  Enterprises haven’t adopted OpenStack widely today.  But, that’s not because they aren’t interested.  Indeed, a recent survey that IDG Connect conducted of 200 enterprise IT decision makers on Red Hat’s behalf found that 84% planned to adopt OpenStack."

IDG Connect’s survey isn’t the only one pointing to extremely widespread intent to develop around OpenStack in enterprises. The OpenStack Foundation recently released the results of a broad users survey it did, complete with an infographic. Its survey found that cost savings, operational efficiency and the attraction of an open platform are key reasons why many enterprises are focused on OpenStack. The foundation’s survey generated 822 responses and involved 387 existing OpenStack cloud deployments across 56 countries. 

It’s looking more and more like OpenStack’s really rigorous field tests will happen on a widespread basis next year. Much more data is available here

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