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Take a look at these 8 enviable ovens (pictures)

These ovens will make a big impression in your kitchen, and an even bigger dent in your bank account. Here are some of the most enviable ranges we’ve reviewed.

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Take a closer look at the ZTE Axon (pictures)

The ZTE Axon is pretty much identical to the ZTE Axon Pro, but it sacrifices a bit of performance to come in at a lower price.

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Walmart gets the jump on Black Friday with November 1 holiday sale

Just as Halloween ends, holiday deals begin. Walmart’s first holiday sales start November 1.

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Fedora 23 a GO, KDE Not So Much

fedoraJan Kurik tonight announced that Fedora 23 is GO for release. An internal RC10 will be created and tested and if no major issues arise, it will be released as Fedora 23 next week. For KDE users it may not be a day for celebration, as’s Michael Larabel reported today that a co-maintainer for KDE in Fedora said that upcoming version 23 is "easily the worse KDE spin we have ever released." Yikes.

At last night’s Go/No-Go meeting it was determined Fedora 23 included one blocker bug, release notes were incorrect. With that being the only accepted blocker, there was little doubt that Fedora 23 would be approved in tonight’s re-meet. Jan Kurik verified this evening that is indeed the case.

This evening’s meeting was short and sweet and was attended by folks such as Adam Williamson, Matthew Miller, Stephen Gallagher, and Kevin Fenzi. After a quick mini-review the gang declared "RC10 has just been labeled as GOLD." Fedora 23 should be announced Tuesday, November 3.

And that should be the final word on the Final for this weekend for most of us, but alas, Michael Larabel stumbled upon a situation that may have some KDE fans worried. He reported today that one of the maintainers, Kevin Kofler, has quit citing difficulties keeping up with all the upstream changes while GNOME seems to be the priority at Fedora. Kofler was quoted as saying Fedora 23 KDE is "easily the worse KDE spin we have ever released." He said Fedora treats KDE like a "second-class citizen" especially since the creation of Fedora.Next.

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SXSW owns up to ‘mistake,’ schedules harassment summit

The popular interactive festival will hold an all-day summit after backlash for canceling sessions on online harassment and the objectification of women in gaming.

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The New Apple TV Review

Is the new Apple TV worth the upgrade or not? Plus, the iPad Pro is going on sale November 11th.

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Google Lunar XPrize update: Five teams aim for the moon in 2017

Some of the competitors have announced contracts to go to the moon, and there may be more to come. We check in with some of the leaders in Tokyo to find out who will get there first.

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