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6 ways the McDonald’s Big Mac lives on after its inventor’s death – CNET

Whether you find it heavenly or horrible, the two-all-beef-patties creation has made a meaty mark on pop culture. Here are some cheesy memories. Pass the special sauce.

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Beyoncé blesses YouTube with another splash of ‘Lemonade’ – CNET

"All Night" is the latest song plucked from Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album to land as a standalone video on YouTube.

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Google’s Santa Tracker is updated and ready for Christmas – CNET

Get ready to track that fat guy in the red suit on December 24, or collect some virtual presents in your town while you wait.

via CNET Blogs, still kicking, open sources self-driving cars – Roadshow

Self-driving car startup released its software platform and plans for a hardware module, the Comma Neo, freely to the public today.

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Cadillac returns to prototype endurance racing with a real stunner – Roadshow

They really need to work on their naming, though. DPi-V.R? Come on.

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7 reasons ‘Rogue One’ stands out in the Star Wars saga – CNET

Commentary: The upcoming Star Wars movie appears to have it all: a female lead, a diverse cast, Darth Vader, the Death Star origin story and a mysterious new robot.

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13 aerial shots on Instagram that will make you want a drone – CNET

Social Studies: Drones make it possible to take breath-taking shots. Here are some stunning views from drone photographers on Instagram.

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