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App Developer Magazine: LinuxCon to focus on open source, containers and virtualization

“The event offers more than 100 sessions ranging from tutorials to deep technical dives and everything in between and 1,000 Linux community members with which to collaborate” reports Stuart Parkerson for ADM

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InformationWeek: IBM’s Bluemix Garage to focus on blockchain tech like Hyperledger

“IBM is opening a Bluemix Garage in New York City in hopes of attracting future blockchain developers to its Bluemix cloud” writes InformationWeek‘s Charles Babcock. The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project is a point of focus

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TechRepublic: “The Linux Foundation is bringing open source to the auto industry”

The Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux expects to have AGL-embedded cars on the road in 2018, writes Jack Wallen for TechRepublic

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The Register: Heather Kirksey of OPNFV shares project’s progress at OPNFV Summit

Heather Kirksey, director of The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV, explains that the project is well past the “hype” into the “implementation” phase. More of her thoughts shared at the OPNFV Summit via The Register.

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Crypto Coins News: New Hyperledger Project members

The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project sees continued growth in membership with seven new backers, reports CCN.LA

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InfoWorld: Linux Foundation CTO explains how orgs can deal with hackers cautiously

Nicko Van Somren, CTO at The Linux Foundation, lends his advice to InfoWorld on “hacking the hackers” and remaining cautious in the face of a vulnerability. 

via News New Linux Foundation course provides SDN knowledge

LFS265 Software Defined Networking aims to provide the knowledge required to maintain an SDN deployment in a virtual networking environment. More from

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