Hideo Kojima loves Blade Runner 2049 – CNET

The Metal Gear gaming legend professes his profound love for Blade Runner in Rolling Stone.

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Finally! The Nokia 3310 comes to the US for $60 – CNET

Nokia’s retro phone will be in stores on Oct. 29.

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Get your stylish hatchback on with the 2019 Audi A7 – Roadshow

One of the original not-quite-a-sedans is back with a whole new look.

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KFC’s Twitter follows all the Spice Girls for a reason – CNET

Fried-chicken giant KFC pulls off a brilliant social-media joke through the careful selection of people it follows on Twitter.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you pay pals with PayPal – CNET

Facebook’s payments get a boost ahead of Apple’s peer-to-peer Apple Pay.

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Google’s AlphaGo Zero destroys humans all on its own – CNET

The new artificial neural network taught itself to master the ancient game Go within weeks, without any tips from humans.

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Chinese phone maker Vivo entering Hong Kong, Russia and beyond – CNET

One of China’s biggest phone makers is branching out to more countries, including Singapore and Taiwan.

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