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Apple Music could turn itself into a video streaming giant – CNET

The tech giant is looking to take its music service into new territory and create a unique type of service, says a report.

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Amazon’s voice assistant is getting a face (The 3:59, Ep. 218) – CNET

Also on the podcast, we talk about how expensive ransomware has gotten and Facebook Live’s gruesome problems.

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Some beautiful lunatic built a Nissan Leaf electric rally car – Roadshow

No, Nissan will not build one for you, no matter how much you ask.

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Small bumps keep the 2018 Toyota Yaris nice and cheap – Roadshow

Its most expensive trim leapt upward more than $1,000, though.

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Cassini survives first harrowing Saturn dive – CNET

The Cassini spacecraft lives on after an audacious plunge through the narrow opening between Saturn and its rings.

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2018 Honda Odyssey enters production in Alabama – Roadshow

This minivan is as American as apple pie, baseball and heated political arguments on social media.

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Spoiler alert: Mercedes recalls E-Class for detaching roof wings – Roadshow

Thankfully, a very small number of vehicles is believed to contain the defect.

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